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I’m an ENFP which means we are a perfect match 😗

oH MY GOSH ~?!?!

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I wasn’t being super serious I just meant, people associating intjs with bad people reminds me of how people think all slytherins are evil

oH i got u!! gosh yeah, i really dislike when people do things like that, with personality types.. it’s so demonizing! (i mean i know HP is fictional, but still!)

i rly gotta get around to meta’ing about ‘tomorrow is yesterday’ and kirk/john christopher 

if u don’t kno what i mean: lemme…tell…….

if u do: how about that shit, amirite 

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that sounds like some hogwarts house bullshit. intj’s are the slytherins of mbti. I can see how that’d happen though knowing what I know about intj’s





it’s weird how yogurt is almost exclusively advertised to women

, destroy the yogurt matriarchy.

I’m on it

What's your favorite thing someone else drew?



definitely this

straight kirk



mudd has all these android series he’s built and the context of this conversation is so incredibly sexual—obviously, what he’s saying here is, he’s built these androids to suit his particular tastes and it’s all done with that lascivious mudd-ness that casts erotic innuendo onto everything his shadow touches

and jim, who’s no stranger to innuendo, absolutely knows this

so what does he ask? he asks about male androids, harry

within the same context

which i mean to me, subtle though it may be, is a pretty clear indicator that jim thinks about both men and women in a sexual context—that he’s open in ways harry mudd isn’t. on the one hand, sure, it’s teasing mudd and his one-track mind, but it’s also a pretty neat moment of subtext regarding jim’s bisexuality

and then of course we switch to a shot of the male android on mudd’s android utopia…with spock standing across from him, because that’s the man on jim’s mind…

just something to think about.


literally all of the intj famous people are some kind of evil mastermind or ayn rand, i mean, jesus would've been nice u kno, id feel grateful (not that it matters so much tho)

oh no!! gosh, that sucks- all the types need some diversifyin’ in their lists of famous like-minded peeps! i mean, with that, i do think it’s important to remember that those lists are (to my knowledge…!?) really up to interpretation.. ‘cause there really isn’t no sure way of knowing whether those famous ppl would’ve answered in the same way a fan/the person compiling those lists had! (still, though.. they shouldn’t just be like, lists completely comprised of not-so-great people…!)

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when you read about intp’s they always gotta mention albert einstein, intp’s can’t get over albert fucking einstein, I don’t give a shit about albert einstein fuck albert einstein

tbh: i luv me some albert einstein

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Well… I’m INFJ too but I’ve never heard that about either Hitler nor Jesus. I think every “type” tries to claim high profile people as being the same “type” …doesn’t make it remotely true

yea for real! omg.. especially taking into account that there’s no like- real way of knowing if these ppl really are these types, ‘cause it’s not like they’re taking these tests themselves like


psa: any posts that i reblog about dashcon are not meant to be making fun of the people who WENT to dashcon but rather the shitty management of dashcon